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ysftGUI File Browser
I know that a real DOS gui must have some type of file manager or atleast a file browser so I decided to write a quick simple scrolling, mouse driven one. This one uses DOS interrupts and none of that SHELL/tempfile bullshit. It is like a open file dialog in windows. If you click on a directory, it will put you in that directory If you click on a file, it will write the full path to that file if you click on one of the squares on the right, it will scroll up or down If you press escape it will exit The fast and smooth scrolling on this demonstrates the speed of the font routine Please tell me what you think. [file name=fman.zip size=24853]http://theguiblog.com/images/fbfiles/files/fman.zip[/file]
2010-01-0412:13 AM

SonicBritRe:GUI File Browser
Very nice a couple of suggestions though 1. Directories look the same as regular files, use a character or color to show a difference ex. or an icon 2. Show the current path, either below or above the file list box. Still very good though, I was going to "borrow" windows one when I actually get around to working on my gui again.
2010-01-041:59 AM

ToddRe:GUI File Browser
Very great! I agree with sonicbrit. It's hard to decipher directories from files so maybe add an icon or change the color. Also, it is perfect since it works with interrupts since I always test file managers on huge directories on my hard drive and yours pretty much browsed it with ease. Mad props for using interrupts!
2010-01-0411:48 AM

BrandonRe:GUI File Browser
Should we expect a GUI made up from your ASM stuff? If so I'm a little afraid.
2010-01-043:52 PM

ysftRe:GUI File Browser
I only use ASM for making it faster. So far all the asm routines that I wrote can be replaced with pure QBasic and but it would be really slow. Alot of GUIs I've seen are slow. I think it's pointless that a DOS GUI would require a pentium to run. I think I might make a GUI (probably not) but it would have a different approach. Instead of a fancy full multitasking scripter or a unitasking app launcher, I'd make something in between that is both usefull and functional.
2010-01-046:03 PM

BrandonRe:GUI File Browser
Yeah, assuming it was compiled with QB then you could enter it in GUI Awards and would win the "Speed" section of my ballot hands down.
2010-01-046:18 PM

ysftRe:GUI File Browser
What do you mean compiled with QB? I compile my programs with QB but instead of keeping the asm part in an array or something and use CALL ABSOLUTE I make it into an object file and link it with the QB EXE. It's the same thing as using call absolute but it's much neater and easier to work with. Most QB GUIs probably used asm to make mouse routines.
2010-01-047:09 PM

ToddRe:GUI File Browser
[b]ysft wrote:[/b] [quote]Most QB GUIs probably used asm to make mouse routines.[/quote] There's no way to do it without it. You must call an interrupt and specify the stack values to show a cursor, get the coordinates, and read when a button is pressed.
2010-01-047:15 PM

BrandonRe:GUI File Browser
Well if you use QB then you are fine. I am afraid that nothing else will be able to match your speed.
2010-01-047:51 PM

ysftRe:GUI File Browser
Well... there's call interrupt. I couldn't really call CALL interrupt statement asm or machine code, but yeah...
2010-01-047:53 PM


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