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BrandonSee this GUI devs
[img size=800]http://theguiblog.com/images/fbfiles/images/f56M2.png[/img] That's a PNG of Fun500 6's task manager with 2000 apps open, sure it's not really real world useful, but it works (and only uses about 1GB RAM)
2010-01-055:54 PM

ToddRe:See this GUI devs
640 GB is enough RAM for any computer to run. ;)
2010-01-056:11 PM

BrandonRe:See this GUI devs
Well that is meant to show how scalable the Fun500 6 engine is. I mean what over GUI do you know that can multitask 2000 apps?
2010-01-056:15 PM

agumaRe:See this GUI devs
windows :P
2010-01-057:15 PM

BrandonRe:See this GUI devs
I'd like to see Windows doing it without crashing.
2010-01-057:56 PM

agumaRe:See this GUI devs
kde (well linux, but you said it should be a GUI) :P
2010-01-058:40 PM

ToddRe:See this GUI devs
CLI Linux might if it had enough RAM and room for 2000 daemons. If it doesn't have enough, it will get slow (if in a GUI) but if you're in CLI it will start closing daemons if others take up huge amounts of RAM and CPU cycles.
2010-01-059:16 PM

pharoahRe:See this GUI devs
Remember, though, that these apps Brandon is running are probably just something simple like a window that says "Hello, World!".
2010-01-0510:00 PM

ysftRe:See this GUI devs
If running linux try this: 1.Put this in .xinitrc i=0 while ((i
2010-01-0511:28 PM


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