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jasonwoodlandNavaska Update
Hey, long time no see, had a holiday. I've been working on something new since Geode, I mean it still is Geode but I renamed it Navaska because it sounds cooler B) ... in my opinion. Sorry I didnt get to enter Geode and all, but I want to make up for that. I'll be releasing the download link to NOE1 in a week or so, and I mean it this time! :laugh: Heres a mockup of how it WILL look: [img=http://host.theguiblog.com/kigon/Geode%20Example.bmp] And here is a VERY simple, unfinished GUI I whipped up: [img=http://host.theguiblog.com/kigon/Crap%20GUI.bmp]
2010-01-152:35 PM

ToddRe:Navaska Update
Reminds me of a classic WM.
2010-01-1511:22 PM

jasonwoodlandRe:Navaska Update
You could change the GUI for it quite easily, I might even make a GUI for it that has another script that manages the skin :P its too easy now B)
2010-01-162:37 AM

jasonwoodlandRe:Navaska Update
Does anyone know how to store graphics into memoryfile fast?? (svga) asmanything at all is fine, i just need it to work!!! :huh: ive probably asked this 100s of times before
2010-01-2312:46 AM


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