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jasonwoodlandNavaska Help
Allo all, I seem to have one last problem compiling. Heres my problem: When I read a $ from string$, I write $,string When I read a second " from "Allo", I write @,Allo When I read a number like 2 (lol) how do I know that it is a number? I need it to read HEX (&HF3) also If anyone knows how to define a number from anything please help me out, my last resort was putting a # on the end of every number, but thats just not what I want :evil: lololol thanks people :cheer:
2010-02-087:07 AM

SonicBritRe:Navaska Help
ok when you read in a name/number you should check the first character to determine if its a variable or a number. (Ever wonder why most programming languages wont let you use a number as the first character of a variable?, that's because that is used to determine if it is a number or a variable) so what you need to do is check the first character and if its in the range of 0-9 assume its a number(you'll want to do some checking or throw an error) if its a letter then assume its a variable. (basically 10 - number, 1a - error, test - variable, a1 - variable), then to be able to handle a &H you again check the first character (and second) for &H and then handle (1a as being 26 and not invalid) Does that make sense?, if not I can post some code
2010-02-084:37 PM

jasonwoodlandRe:Navaska Help
sweet! so i have to add that if char$ = " " or char$ = "," then flag1=0 if left$(towrite$,1) = "1" or "2" or "3" or "4" or "5" or "6" or "7" or "8" or "9" or "0" then flag1=1 if ucase$(left$(towrite$,2)) = "&H" then flag1=1 if flag1 = 1 then print #1, "#" print #1, towrite$ end if end if 'lololol thankyou mr. sir!
2010-02-0811:47 PM

agumaRe:Navaska Help
your coding neatness skills leave a lot to be desired but glad you figured it out :P ps instead of if left$(towrite$,1) = "1" or "2" or "3" or "4" or "5" or "6" or "7" or "8" or "9" or "0" then flag1=1 try if left$(towrite$,1) >= "0" and left$(towrite$,1)
2010-02-0811:50 PM

jasonwoodlandRe:Navaska Help
oh, thankyou thankyou! your optimization skills are admired, im only doing it to shape up for my language. :ohmy: Dont worry though! I' going to write another program that will space text files.
2010-02-094:57 AM

jasonwoodlandRe:Navaska Help
Does anyone have a fast font routine? Like Arial? not a courier font, i dont know the right word for it B)
2010-02-128:11 PM

agumaRe:Navaska Help
2010-02-128:34 PM

jasonwoodlandRe:Navaska Help
i think the word i was thinking of was mono-spacing, i want a font with different spacing
2010-02-128:47 PM

agumaRe:Navaska Help
search really far back on the forums, I remember there was one font routine...
2010-02-128:51 PM

jasonwoodlandRe:Navaska Help
cheers aguma, hey, does anyone know how to use future.emstofile and its opposite?
2010-02-137:44 PM


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