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MICHAEL55Remote Control Toy
Hi to all I am new hereā€¦ It's been 15 long years, but when I close my eyes, I instantly see a sea of images flashing in front of me as I go back in time. I can still feel the scent of its new rubber tires oh-so clearly. It was a white speed demon, albeit a miniature one. My folks had gifted me an absolutely stunning remote control car and I was, needless to say, over the moon. It was simply awesome and I remember how restless I used to be, longing to get back from school just so that I could race my 'Speedo' (as I affectionately called it) in my room, my backyard and all over the street. Since then, I have always shared a special bond with remote control toys which remains as strong as ever even today. I simply love the feeling of unadulterated joy that one gets when playing with an RC toy, the amount of realism involved, the thrill and the undying enthusiasm which makes you want to play with them for hours on end.
2010-03-202:55 PM

RetroMRe:Remote Control Toy
You, my friend, are deeply disturbed.
2013-02-1811:13 PM


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