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Should I get an iPad or laptop?
Should I get an iPad or laptop? So for Chrismas I'm thinking about getting an iPad. I would use it for browsing the web, playing games from the AppStore, and I would also get a Bluetooth keyboard and the iWork suite to type documents for school. I am just wondering if there would be any disadvantages of getting an iPad rather then a laptop. -------------------- [url=http://www.ebelow.com/brown-ipad-leather-cases-brown-ipad-leather-2-case.html]brown ipad 2 leather case[/url] [url=http://www.ebelow.com/new-ipad-2-cases-new-ipad-cases.html]new ipad 2 case[/url] [url=http://www.ebelow.com/pink-ipad-cases-pink-ipad-2-cases.html]pink ipad case[/url]
2011-07-0711:37 PM

ysftRe:Should I get an iPad or laptop?
i would get a laptop
2011-10-043:35 PM


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