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Spacecat 1

by Matej Horvat

Speed & Stability

Spacecat is very fast, in part because all the "graphics" are text. In my testing Spacecat was also very stable.

Entertainment Applications

Spacecat is really focused on productivity and checklists.

Productivity Applications

Spacecat has a very impressive system for storing checklists.

File Management

Spacecat doesn't have an file manager for working with the actual file system, but it does have a lot of operations for dealing with it's internal lists

Bells & Whistles

Spacecat has some of the best documentation in the industry, is a small download and basically everything could be controlled on a machine without a mouse.


One of the strong points in Spacecat is it's ability to multitask and have many windows open at once.


This GUI does not have this feature.


Spacecat has no graphics, so there are no graphical customization options. Basically, Spacecat does what it does and that's it.


I should point out that Spacecat has a patch that adds features on to this version. Overall, Spacecat is really good for what it is. It's a versatile text based note manager. If that's what you need, download it today.

2021 Brandon Cornell