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GIMI 2.1

by Sebastian Mate

Speed & Stability

Although GIMI is very stable, it's also pretty slow as a side effect of it's multitasking nature.

Entertainment Applications

GIMI has a couple of games and some (nonworking) internet features which I assume where functional back when GIMI was new.

Productivity Applications

There is a functional text viewer, but that's about it as far as productivity applications.

File Management

Although as you can see from my screenshot, the filemanager doesn't work under DOSBox, on a real DOS machine the filemanager would be very useful for launching DOS binaries.

Bells & Whistles

GIMI has some internet features, SVGA graphics, and some of the best documentation and installers out there.


What GIMI lacks in speed it makes up in multitasking ability. GIMI is one of the classic examples of a scripting, multitasking GUI.


This GUI doesn't have this feature.


GIMI is very customizable, there is a flat and 3d theme, as well as color options for everything. Unfortunately I couldn't find a place to choose an image for wallpaper or to add custom shortcuts.


If you are trying to study what a multitasking GUI should look and work like, GIMI is a great example. Although it has a couple shortcomings it provides a great example of the capabilities of QBASIC.

Random Screenshots

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