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M-OS Remastered

by Murray Parkinson

Speed & Stability

This is definitely an area that Murray put a lot of effort into, in my testing I was unable to crash the app as hard as I tried. However, the speed wasn't perfect I often watched as the wallpaper drew over a blue screen.

Entertainment Applications

The only entertainment application included is a very nice WAV player widget that's built into the desktop. I works very nicely even at 3000 cycles in DOSBox (roughly a 386.) I would liked to have seen a Paint program like in Murray's past GUIs.

Productivity Applications

There is a pretty basic text viewer as well as a simple sticky note widget on the desktop. Noticeably lacking is any calculator.

File Management

This GUI doesn't have this feature

Bells & Whistles

Using the Future Library, M-OS Remastered supports VGA graphics and audio playback. Also included is an SDK to allow you to create your own M-OS applications.


The music widget doesn't stop when you leave the desktop to use the text viewer, run program dialog, or any of the other dialogs, which is pretty impressive.


There is a shortcut on the desktop that you can click on to create a launcher. If only has a text box so you have to know the address of the program. I also couldn't see any way to change or remove shortcuts once they are added unfortunately.


Like most versions of M-OS, you can change the wallpaper. You can either enter the location of a Bitmap or select a plain color. Unlike GUIs with 4 bit resolutions which only have 16 color options, M-OS Remastered has thousands of colors options selectable using a set of RGB sliders.


Overall, Millennium OS Remastered is a stable platform which could be made into a useful platform. It shows an obvious progression from Murray's past works and from past versions of Millennium OS.

2021 Brandon Cornell