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Dick's GUI FB 1.5

by Dick

Speed & Stability

Dick's GUI is surprisingly fast considering that it was written in FreeBASIC. I had no stability issues and would definitely recommend it for a 386 or 486.

Entertainment Applications

If you click on an image in the file browser it opens up and you can view it.

Productivity Applications

There is a pretty decent text editor, although I was having glitches where it wasn't scrolling properly.

File Management

Dick's GUI is much better than some other GUIs in this regard, it has a file browser that lists files and directories and it acts intelligently when one is clicked on. Directories are opened, text files are opened in the text editor, images in the image viewer, and executables are ran

Bells & Whistles

It has SVGA graphics and it's under 700KB, I'd like to see more in terms of documentation, it's frequently not clear how to use a feature or that the feature even exists.


Dick's GUI is great at multitasking, I was able to open multiple copies of different applications without running into any issues.


This is an area that could definitely be improved. I didn't see a way to launch applications other than the build in ones which you get to from right clicking on the desktop.


It does have a nice picture of a giraffe for wallpaper.


Dick's GUI is one of he best GUIs made in recent years. It's biggest drawback is in it's documentation and the learning curve required to use it. With some more documentation and a control panel with some customization options, Dick's FB GUI could be 5/5.

2021 Brandon Cornell