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RMOS 0.1

by Murray Parkinson

Speed & Stability

RMOS is reasonably responsive, and don't seem overly unstable.

Entertainment Applications

RMOS has both a simple game and a paint program, I could see it taking entertaining a child for a few minutes.

Productivity Applications

It has a calculator and a simple text viewer.

File Management

This GUI does not have this feature.

Bells & Whistles

Its got SVGA graphics, and isn't very bloated.


This GUI doesn't have this feature.


RMOS has a built in desktop, and it can't be modified.


There is a bitmap image for the wallpaper and a config file that you can edit to change the wallpaper.


RMOS is a pretty GUI, that much is for sure. It's also a pretty decent base. It's obvious that it's an early release, unfortunately I don't think we'll ever see a new version.

2021 Brandon Cornell