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Rush 1.1

by Rush Soft (Joran Kok, Peter Jonk, Wouter Lenis)

Speed & Stability

Rush is quite fast and very professional looking and performing.

Entertainment Applications

Rush has a few audio programs as well as a paint program.

Productivity Applications

Rush includes a very nicely done icon editor, as well as a text viewer. Surprisingly there is no calculator included.

File Management

All applications contain file dialogs which makes finding and working with files much easier than most other GUIs.

Bells & Whistles

The graphical installer for Rush should be the benchmark for all other GUIs.


This GUI does not have this feature.


"Proobs" is a categorized program launcher. Using the included icon editor you can make more icons and Proobs itself has easy options to add more shortcuts, and of course the file dialogs can be used during this process. This makes Proobs easily one of the best launchers in any GUI.


You can set custom colors, custom wallpaper, you can even draw your own wallpaper. and it's all done in easy-to-use GUI based tools.


Rush is a great GUI. The launcher leaves nothing to be desired, and there are enough applications included to keep you interested. With a couple more applications, maybe a game or two, Rush could be the best GUI ever made.

2021 Brandon Cornell