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Fun500 6.3

by Brandon Cornell

Speed & Stability

Although the 6.3 is fairly fast, the fact that it's written in FreeBASIC means that the oldest machines won't be able to run it.

Entertainment Applications

There is an included QML Browser and an RSS Reader. A few games to kill some time would help a lot here.

Productivity Applications

Included is a text viewer, calculator, and an icon editor. A text editor would be a welcome addition.

File Management

This is the highlight of the Fun500 6 series. The included file manager can rename, move, and copy files and folders and supports file associations.

Bells & Whistles

All the dialog windows are controllable without using the keyboard. Also there are a few applications which use internet features and SVGA graphics are supported.


The whole GUI is contained in one executable, so all the applications can be ran at the same time, however one of the most common complaints is that each application can only be opened a specific number of times.


The build in dock allows you to launch not only built in applications but also DOS executables. Just find the application in the file manager and press "+DOCK" and a dialog guides you though the setup.


The colors are customizable, as is the screen resolution, however images can't be used as wallpaper.


As this is my own GUI it's hard to be impartial. I tried to use the same rubric to rate it as I use for other reviews. But don't take my word for it, try it yourself!

Random Screenshots

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