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M-OS 3.0

by Jonathan Thorpe

Speed & Stability

Millenium OS is very fast, it would run well even on a 286. It's also pretty stable, I only got it to crash by trying to open the calculator.

Entertainment Applications

There aren't any entertainment applications included.

Productivity Applications

There are a couple of applications included for dealing with disks, a calculator that I couldn't get to work, and some other basic applications.

File Management

There are file associations defined in the control panel. I'm not sure what they are for, but they are a start.

Bells & Whistles

M-OS is a small download and includes some documentation.


Some windows are dragable, but not all of them.


M-OS has a pretty good launcher, if you know the full address of the application you want to add a shortcut to then you can add one using a nice GUI interface.


There is an extensive control panel and in it you can set things like custom background colors and multiple desktop profiles.


It's strange to see M-OS before Todd Suess took over, the original OS was much more bare and didn't have many applications. It was a great desktop launcher for it's time, however. These days Costa has most of the same functionality and has a smoother UI.

Random Screenshots

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