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BrandonRe:Dithering2011-04-212:52 PM
tacodrake95Re:Dithering2011-04-212:50 PM
BrandonRe:Dithering2011-04-212:49 PM
tacodrake95Dithering2011-04-212:46 PM
JasonRe:Transparency2011-03-278:23 AM
tacodrake95Re:Transparency2011-03-2411:42 PM
tacodrake95Re:Transparency2011-03-242:02 PM
JasonRe:Transparency2011-03-245:55 AM
pharoahRe:Transparency2011-03-241:01 AM
JasonRe:Transparency2011-03-2311:19 PM
pharoahRe:Transparency2011-03-236:18 PM
JasonRe:Transparency2011-03-235:02 PM
tacodrake95Re:Transparency2011-03-222:52 PM
tacodrake95Re:tabs2011-03-218:03 PM
ToddRe:tabs2011-03-216:32 PM
pharoahRe:tabs2011-03-215:57 PM
Dicktabs2011-03-214:52 PM
pharoahRe:Transparency2011-03-1710:17 AM
ToddRe:Transparency2011-03-177:49 AM
JasonRe:Transparency2011-03-1712:38 AM
tacodrake95Transparency2011-03-1611:42 PM
HorvatMRe:Linking NASM with QB2011-02-163:48 PM
ToddRe:Linking NASM with QB2011-02-1510:42 PM
DickRe:Linking NASM with QB2011-02-1511:31 AM
HorvatMLinking NASM with QB2011-02-158:50 AM
ToddRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one2011-02-049:00 AM
HorvatMRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one2011-02-048:44 AM
funtikarPeteqb site is great. But a tutorial is even greater(above).2011-02-038:48 PM
ToddRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one2011-02-038:30 PM
BrandonRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one2011-02-032:31 PM
trollyRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one2011-02-036:47 AM
funtikarAt the time being can you recommend me any BASIC tutorial. Most BASIC stuff is either obsolete or replaced by VisualBasic in google.2011-02-029:20 PM
funtikarPlease excuse me for this. Unfortunately the mobileBasic forum is never online2011-02-029:05 PM
funtikarRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one,im using Opera Mini. I cant select the textbox in this forum.2011-02-029:02 PM
BrandonRe:MobileBASIC GUI how to make one2011-02-0212:22 PM
funtikarMobileBASIC GUI how to make one2011-02-023:05 AM
JasonRe:Debug → Assemble → Link EDITED2011-01-269:23 PM
ToddRe:Debug → Assemble → Link2011-01-266:29 PM
JasonDebug → Assemble → Link2011-01-2612:56 PM
JasonRe:ASM Code wont assemble?2011-01-214:13 AM
trollyRe:ASM Code wont assemble?2011-01-213:55 AM
JasonRe:ASM Code wont assemble?2011-01-211:46 AM
ToddRe:ASM Code wont assemble?2011-01-2112:22 AM
JasonRe:ASM Code wont assemble?2011-01-2010:28 PM
DickRe:ASM Code wont assemble?2011-01-201:34 PM
JasonRe:ASM Code wont assemble?2011-01-204:46 AM
sbRe:ASM Code wont assemble?2011-01-202:28 AM
sbRe:Scroll wheel2011-01-202:11 AM
JasonRe:ASM Code wont assemble?2011-01-2012:41 AM
ToddRe:ASM Code wont assemble?2011-01-1911:11 PM

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